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“If you think you're too big for small jobs, maybe you're too small for big jobs.”

What is Volt e byk ?

VOLT E BYK is an electric bicycles company that deals with providing an high quality and secure bicycles to everyone at affordable prices.

Welcome to VOLT E BYK. Number one source for all type of electric bicycles. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of e-bikes, with an emphasis on simplify life, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere.

Table of Contents

01. Problem

What are the problems with existing bicycles

02. Product

Why the products are not reachable to everyone

03. Market

How to reach every customer without effort in marketing

04. Business Model

Make our products utilized by every customers

Our Team

"S. Afzal"


"S. Aslam"

Creative Director


The Main Problem with the Electric Bicycles is not availability of Service Center in nearby locations to the Customers & they are not aware of the Benefits of Electric Bicycles over the Traditional Vehicles.


Trying to make a high speed Electric Vehicles to Replace the Vehicles powered by Fuel.


While Others are Dreaming of High Speed Electric Vehicles, We are Concentrating on Providing Electric Bicycles that can be Utilized by everyone irrespective of their Age groups. To Build a Safe & Secure Environment for Everyone.


We are Working with a Plan to Reach Every Customer with our Products & Service.



Increase in reaching Customers


Increase in Products Quantity


“One step towards Go green - No pollution , Great initiative by young lad. Grooming next generation towards pollution free environment is Great. Designs and performance of the bikes are so good that Top Industries should take initiate ”


“I bought a new electric bicycle in volt e byk, it’s just amazing and good services too..! Thank u volt-e-byk for presenting such an amazing bicycle. ”


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